Here at Graig Garden & Tree services we take pride in providing top-quality work at affordable prices. As a family we have always had a passion for gardening, and having run our small family farm for over ten years began picking up small gardening jobs in the area, at the request of friends and family in need of a hand. We’re still a small, family run company, and as such are able to have a personal relationship with each and every customer of ours, helping us to provide the best service possible.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable – We pride ourselves on being where we say we’ll be, when we say we’ll be there. Innevitably things can crop up which get in the way of this from time to time (Thank you British weather!), and in such cases we’ll always communicate any delays and rearrange as soon as possible.
Experienced – We have years of experience in a range of different Garden-based skills and are constantly adding new strings to our bows. Whether it’s some exacting pruning required of a long-tended Rose, or a complete clearing of an overgrown mess of bramble – We’ve been there and done it before.
Passionate – We don’t do this job because we have to, but rather because we genuinely love what we do. We’ll always treat your outdoor space as if it where our own when carrying out our work, and strive to provide the best possible service as a result.
Transparent Competitive Pricing – Once you have your free quote for any requested work we are more than happy to discuss how we’ve ended up at that figure, and will never price a quote unfairly. No smoke and mirrors here.